At Yujung Fishing,

 we are the only ones in the industry

 who do not engage in mass producti
through limited batch production planning.



Fishing Rods

that Quickly Reflect Trends

While other manufacturers typically produce at least 10,000 units of a single model as their standard batch, they often have no choice but to do so. The reason being, they only focus on production and not distribution. Due to this, they have to account for the distribution margins added to the selling price in the distribution phase. Without mass production, it becomes challenging to break even on the production cost.

However, Yujung Fishing stands out as the only company in the industry that handles both production and sales. By eliminating unnecessary distribution margins from the equation, we can ensure price competitiveness for the consumer's selling price. Thus, we can break even with just around 100 units of a single model. This means we don’t resort to the mass-produced style of common fishing rods in the market. We're not perpetually a step behind the trend like many generic rods out there. Instead, we produce fishing rods that not only accurately and timely reflect trends but also possess a unique value that isn't commonplace.