Craftsmanship at its Finest:

The Master Artisan Accountability System.

At Yujung Fishing, we stand alone in the industry,

producing every single product under the

unique Master Artisan Accountability System,

ensuring the utmost quality and dedication in every rod we craft.

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Crafting with Accountability:

The Craftmanship Assurance System.

While the typical fishing rod manufacturing facility prioritizes speed and quantity, with different specialists for each production phase, Yujeong Fishing takes a profoundly different approach.

Upon receiving an order, a dedicated craftsman—often referred to as a "Master Artisan" with over 20 years of experience—is assigned to that particular item. This artisan takes responsibility for the entire process, from cutting and assembly to the final quality check. At the end of this meticulous process, they attach their name to the product as a sign of their personal assurance. This is our "Craftmanship Assurance" system, where the master craftsman stakes their reputation on every fishing rod that goes out the door.

Although this method requires more time and effort than conventional production lines, it underscores our unwavering commitment to true craftsmanship. Every step is overseen with care, ensuring that our customers receive a product that embodies the spirit and quality of a handcrafted fishing rod, made by a master of the trade.