Mr. Choi Bum, the CEO of Yujung Fishing Co., Ltd., began his career in the fishing rod manufacturing industry in his early 20s. Over the span of 40 years, he has been responsible for the design and production process of fishing rods. Every company he has worked for, whether it was one he joined, one started by an acquaintance, or one he founded himself, has experienced rapid growth due to his exceptional skills. Currently, in the fishing rod manufacturing industry, he is hailed as a master artisan of fishing rods.

meticulously consider and craft. These decades of hands-on experience, coupled with intuition honed over the years, allows him to optimize the sensitivity, weight, balance, flexure, strength, length, material, and design of each fishing rod. Every piece is a testament to his mastery and dedication to the art of rod-making.

This difference begins in the design phase itself,

 where each fishing rod is imbued with decades of mastery and understanding.

 From the very blueprint, 

the distinction between our fishing rods and those available in the market becomes evident.

< Hand-drawn Blueprint > 

Every fishing rod produced by Yujung Fishing is crafted through the hand-drawn blueprints personally sketched by CEO Choi Beom. By adjusting the strength of each component that makes up the fishing rod, he ensures a perfect weight balance. This ensures the rod is light yet possesses optimal strength and flexibility. This unique design approach, which meticulously tailors the strength for each part of the rod, is the unparalleled design expertise that only CEO Choi Beom possesses. No one can emulate this unique craftsmanship.

< Scenes of Strength, Flexibility, Weight, and Weight Balance Tests >

The strength testing machine is exclusively owned by our company,

 Yujung Fishing, in the industry. 

During the development and manufacturing of a single product, 

CEO Choi Beom personally conducts hundreds of tests on strength, flexibility, weight, and weight balance.

 Only after thorough and rigorous testing do our products come into being.