Our company, Yujung Fishing,

 is the only one in the industry

 that manufactures all products

 through the cutting-edge 5HQ Smart Process.

HQ Smart Cutting: Ultra-Precision Computation Control System (CCS - Computation Control System)

In the fishing rod manufacturing process, we use computers to control the machinery, minimizing the errors that humans may overlook, thereby ensuring the production of top-quality materials. If the fabric isn't precisely cut, no matter how perfect the design or subsequent processing and assembly, subtle functional issues can arise. Especially, there can be regrettable instances where the material gets damaged during crucial moments of tension.

While many other companies either hand-cut the fabric or use machines for cutting, we take it a step further. We utilize a computer-controlled cutting machine, enabling precise fabric cutting based on design specifications. With the introduction of CCS (Computation Control System), we cut carbon prepreg fabric with no margin of error, ensuring accuracy.

HQ Smart Rolling: Ultra-Precision Computation Control System (CCS - Computation Control System)

Within the fishing rod manufacturing process, our computers control the machinery, ensuring the minimization of errors that may be overlooked by humans and guaranteeing the production of the best-quality materials. Even with a perfect design blueprint and precisely cut fabric, if the rolling process, even by a slight 0.1-degree error due to an operator's oversight, can result in a misaligned spine or prevent the realization of the designed thickness and strength of the fishing rod.

This highlights the significance of precise control during the rolling stage, which plays a pivotal role in the performance of the fishing rod. Just like the cutting machine, we've integrated CCS (Computation Control System) in our rolling process. This system allows us to consider the type and thickness of the fabric, the thickness of the mold, and the slope angle, ensuring meticulous and intricate compression of the material onto the mold.

HQ Smart Ironing: Variable Thermal Control Iron (TCI - Thermal Controllron)

Taking into consideration the type and thickness of the fabric as well as the thickness of the mold, we're able to adjust the temperature of the iron to ensure the best fabric attachment. Typically, many use an iron set to a fixed temperature to attach the fabric's edge line to the mold. However, our company uses not just any ordinary iron, but a temperature-adjustable one - TCI (Thermal Control Iron). This allows for customized attachment by adjusting the temperature in line with the specific fabric type and mold thickness.

HQ Smart Taping: Optimized Pressure Control Database (PCD - Pressure Control Database)

We have databased the optimal pressure for varying thicknesses of the PP tape to ensure that wrapping is carried out at a consistent tension, thereby realizing the highest quality of material. The tension with which the PP tape wraps around the material will inevitably vary depending on the remaining amount of PP tape. If the taping process is completed with the tension of a fully loaded PP tape, the tension towards the end becomes very weak, potentially leading to a thickness difference in the material of over 1mm.

Our company has databased the optimal tension by taking into account the type of fabric and the thickness of the PP tape that is wrapped around. This ensures that all operators, no matter the fabric or the amount of PP tape they start with, can finish the taping process while maintaining the same level of tension.

This is not a result of technical determinations alone but is the culmination of over 40 years of experience in fishing rod design by our representative, Mr. Choi Beom. This dedication and persistence have given rise to what we call the Pressure Control Database (PCD).

HQ Smart Curing: Ultra-Efficient Triple Heating Process (HHH - Triple Heating Process)

Instead of heating at a fixed temperature, we differentiate the heating process in three stages based on the material, fabric, and loading capacity to achieve optimal material strength and texture. While it's common for most fishing rods to be heated at a fixed temperature, our company maximizes thermal efficiency inside the heater by considering 1) the total volume of the fishing rod inside and 2) the total surface area of the fishing rod. Through this triple-stage heating and maintaining time, known as the HHH (Triple Heating Process), we carry out ideal fishing rod processing.

At Yujung Fishing, 

through our top-notch 5HQ Smart Process,

 we are able to perfectly implement design blueprints into our fishing rods. 

By doing so, we produce fishing rods that align with our design

 philosophy of realizing perfect ergonomics.