Connection between People and Nature



A company that prioritises creating value over profit With a rapidly growing fishing industry every manufacturers’ primary goal is to provide lighter and fancier products to consumers. So I repeatedly ask myself. Am I keeping up with current trends? Am I offering the best product to consumers as a fishing supplier? 

Yujung Fishing has been established by my partner and I who not only love fishing but have dedicated our lives to consumers who share this passion. I am an engineer and I have been making fishing goods and export to overseas for over 30 years. Beyond fishing products, Yujung Fishing would like to provide the joy of recreational sports that everyone can enjoy, regardless of age and gender. 

Through fishing activities, we would like to broaden our commitment to solve social issues. We are now successfully operating Youth Fishing Classes, Fishing classes for people with disability and online fishing lessons in South Korea. 

Yujung Fishing will continually grow steadily to prioritise in creating value over profit and customise every aspect to satisfy consumers’ needs.