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UTFT’s flying surf spinning reel is the perfect product to combine with the flying surf rods and has long range surf casting.

It holds braided lines No. 5-6(Nylon line) and No.3-4(Ply) of 200m and can hold up to 17kg and its performance delivers the best results.

Compared to fish tackle surf, the 400g of light spinning reels gives pleasant casting.

UJFT five colour braided lines holds both strength and sensitivity.

This braided line can cast 10 meters in distance and has five different colours to indicate length.

This product provides a variety of information by casting and reeling.

Four braids of twisted strands will provide best results from fresh-water fishing to deep-sea fishing experiences.

UJFT mono surf runner is remarkably cost effective, whilst providing both accuracy and strength.

It has two choices of red and blue and provides up to 600 metres in length.

This reel can be refilled 3 times.

You won’t miss where your mono surf line is.